Portable Starting Unit – Lithium Start Pac® One

The new Patent Pending START PAC® ONE™ is the smallest and lightest emergency 28V aircraft jump starter in the world. At an incredible weight of just 7 lbs. it is the only choice for emergency starting in urgent situations and isolated locations. The ONE is designed for piston and small to medium turbine engines as well as aircraft with over-voltage protection sensitivity. The START PAC® ONE™ comes with a battery charger, charging bag, and ballistic nylon carrying case. Please review the Specifications and safety tabs for more details.

  • 28V and suitable for over-voltage sensitive aircraft
  • 10 amp hours
  • 1500 AMPS Peak Current
  • LED Voltmeter
  • 7 lbs./3.18 kg
  • L 15 3/4” x W 3.75” x D 2 1/2”
  • Not to be used as an aircraft battery charger.

Always store the ONE in a semi-discharged state at a voltage range of 26.6V—27.2V to protect the battery, storing the battery with a full charge causes cell damage.




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Additional Information

Weight 3.18 kg
Dimensions 40 x 9.53 x 6.35 cm


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