Quick Change GPU – Model 3324QC 400 amp

These ground power units are designed to perform starting, powering up aircraft systems and maintenance functions. When connected to AC power, the depleted batteries can be charged in a matter of hours with the built in power supply/battery charger.

The 3324 contains a full 24-volt battery bank for starting and a large power supply to provide a continuous current at 28.5 Volts DC for maintenance. This mobile GPU is configured with a 400 amp power supply. This will satisfy the ground power requirements of most business jets, and includes on-board air conditioning and other high draw aircraft systems.

We also custom manufacture Start Pac® units in various combinations of batteries and 28 volt power supplies to meet customers’ exact requirements.

The Model 3324 GPU is a combination power supply and battery pack.

– 56 Amp Hours at 10 hour rate
– 24 Volt DC – 25.5 Volts at rest
– Sealed cells non- hazardous
– Valve regulated high amperage output lead acid
– 2300 Peak Amps
– Power supply/charger
– Multi- unit 400 Amp DC continuous output
– 28 – 28.5 Volt output from 0 – 400 amp load
– Battery recharge time from fully discharged – 2 hours
– AC Input – 220 Volts

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Additional Information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 1 × 2 × 3 cm


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