Quick Change GPU – Model 3324QC-300 amp

This model can be used on the ramp to conduct engine starting and will provide 28.5V of continuous clean no duty cycle power when plugged into 220V AC wall power. The 3324QC-300 contains a full 24-volt battery bank for engine starting and is configured with a 300-amp power supply and will satisfy the ground power requirements of most business jets, including on-board air conditioning and other high draw aircraft systems. To recharge the unit, simply plug it into an AC wall power outlet and leave it plugged in when not in use. The high tech proprietary chargers will maintain 100% battery charge without over charging the batteries. Built with the only cost effective patented Quick Change design in the world, the batteries in this unit can be easily changed in a matter of seconds without tools, training, or downtime. The environmentally responsible low VOC powder coating protect the case from wear and poor weather conditions and all-weather cover accessory is also available as an option for this unit to further protect it from inclement weather to gain the maximum performance and product life.

“The Model 3324-300 amp GPU is a combination power supply and battery bank.

– 56 Amp Hours at 10-hour rate
– 24 Volt DC – 25.5 Volts at rest
– Sealed cells – non-hazardous
– Valve regulated high amperage output lead acid
– 2800 Peak Amps
– Patented Quick Change design for 10 second battery changes
– Power supply/charger
– Multi- unit 300 Amp DC continuous output
– 28 – 28.5 Volt output from 0 – 300 amp load
– No duty cycle, clean continuous power
– Over-voltage & over-current protection
– Reverse polarity protection
– Battery recharge time: 1-4 hours
– AC Input – 220 Volts only”

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